Monthly Archives: March 2020

Road Safety for NJ Walkers and Bikers

By Francis M. Smith Relying less on automotive transportation and choosing to walk or bike, either recreationally or as part of your daily commute, is often characterized as a frugal, healthy, and eco-friendly choice. Being a pedestrian or cyclist is not without its hazards, however; 2018 saw the highest number of pedestrian accident fatalities across […]

It is Time to Teach Safe Sexting

It’s 2020. And it’s about time we rethink our approach to teen sexting. Justin and I wrote an piece that was just published in the Journal of Adolescent Health (currently free to download!) arguing that it is time to take a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach to sexting, by supplementing abstinence messages with information to […]

Expressing Care in Families – Keep Connected

“You Matter to Me” Expressing care is fundamental to strong and healthy family relationships. Because of that, it’s important to tell family members we care about them and that we want the best for them. But we can also express care through other ways, such as these actions: Being dependable: Be someone others can count […]

RRC’s Response to Covid-19 –

During a time of uncertainty, worry and risk RRC would like to send a message out to our students and followers alike. Being a health & safety and environmental training provider, we thought it important to have a strict contingency plan in place in regards to Covid-19. This has led us to make the following […]