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What You Need To Know About Driving Under The Influence of Pot In Ontario

Early in 2019, a Nova Scotia woman named Michelle Gray, who routinely used medical marijuana to manage her multiple sclerosis, was subjected to a roadside saliva test. It showed, that she still had some THC—the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis—in her system. She advised she hadn’t had any for seven hours prior to driving and passed […]

Renting Out Your Cottage? Be Aware Of Potential Liability Issues

For a lot of families, a summer cottage is a great investment. It’s a secondary property that gives them the perfect summer getaway out of the city. However, the days where at least one parent could take the kids up north for two months at a time are long past. And unless you’re a very […]

Cottage Season is Here: Got Friends Coming Over? Think Safety First!

Having friends over to your home for a few drinks and barbecue is a time honoured tradition. It’s a simple formula for an enjoyable evening. After all, there’s a limit to the number of ways your guests could get hurt or hurt others while sitting at the table. Having friends up to the cottage? That’s […]