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Johnson v Jevco Insurance, 2020 ONLAT 18-012155/AABS

Written By: Joseph A. Cescon and Ryan Marinacci, Law Student The Licence Appeal Tribunal has re-affirmed that newly acquired vehicles are automatically covered under existing automobile policies for the first fourteen days after purchase.  This in spite of the insurer’s objections that the applicant subjectively believed his motorcycle not to be insured at the time […]

The Case of … the Missing Expert Evidence

The case of Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1100 v. A. & G. Shanks Plumbing & Heating Limited couldn’t have started worse off for the defendant, a plumbing company. A historically important building in Toronto had burned to the ground and blame was being put squarely on his shoulders. Had he fallen that far short […]

11 signs you may have a brain injury

As a personal injury lawyer I work with many people who have suffered from head trauma. As a result, I spend a great portion of my time reading through medical records and talking to my clients about their symptoms. I’ve learned that no two brain injuries are the same, and can be caused by a […]

Compensation for Injured Airline Passengers in an International World

With over 90,000 flights taking off every day around the world and billions of passengers flying internationally every year, aviation technology has come a long way since the Wright brothers. Unfortunately, there is a cost for global travel that goes well beyond the airline ticket itself. What happens when passengers are injured or worse, killed […]

Sharing the Road: The (Often Overlooked) Cyclist Right of Way

“Share the road” is a common admonition but unfortunately those behind the wheel of a vehicle are often guilty of not following this safety principle — and legal requirement. In fact, a recent cycling safety study commissioned by the City of Vancouver analyzed collision statistics and found that in “93% of collisions where fault could be […]

Rodrigues v. Purtill, 2019 ONCA 739

Full Decision ONCA Panel: G.R. Strathy C.J.O., J.C. MacPherson J.A., and M. Tulloch J.A.Heard: September 5, 2019Judgment: September 20, 2019 CONTEXTUAL HISTORY The Appellant, Mr. Purtill is the Defendant in this matter who drove his motor vehicle while impaired and struck the Plaintiff vehicle, causing the death of a young child and serious injuries to […]

Distracted Driving in BC: Tickets, Point Penalties, Prohibitions and Other Penalties

Depending on how you look at it, technology can be a boon or a bane. It makes our lives so much easier and better in many ways, but it also has its downsides. One of those negative aspects is that technology has become so portable, coming with us into our vehicles and distracting us from […]

A driver reversed into my car – Will I be able to claim?

This is a question we are asked by enquirers on a regular basis. It appears to be a commonly-held belief that if another driver reverses into the vehicle that you are driving, the insurance companies will automatically assume that you drove into the back of the car in front and will hold you liable for […]