Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Injuries, Hot & Cold Air Compression Ankle Brace Support, Helps Stabilize Relieve Achilles Tendon Pain, Ankle Sprains, Arthritis,… Price: $45.99 (as of 19/04/2019 06:25 PST- Details)

The ultimate Ankle pain relief. Beneficial for those who suffers injuries and can be used at home for the treatment of all ankle injuries, such as sprained ankle, dislocated ankle, ankle arthritis, breaks, swelling, Achilles tendon injuries, ligament pulls, sore feet, talar dome lesions, osteochondral lesions, avulsion fractures, ankle arthroscopy and ankle surgery and more.
Advanced Compression Therapy Wrap. We designed this latest innovation of wrap with you on our mind! It is an easy to use device that combines the purpose of compression and cold therapy, all in one! Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Wrap has a ball pump that inflates the brace which compresses the cold pack more to stop ankle from swelling, control any pain or any injuries in your ankle.
Absolute fit and Stay. The One-size-fits-all brace is anatomical, easy-to-use design to completely fit and covers the whole foot and providing maximum benefit. With its uncomplicated velcro strap that can simply wrap around the ankle, it can be adjusted in every desired fitting and heal comfortably, enjoy the advantage of superior support without holding you back!