What To Do if Your Long-Term Disability Benefits Are Terminated

You worked for an employer for several years and then became ill or injured. You were placed on short-term disability, and then unfortunately, your condition was serious enough that you applied for and received long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits. Despite your desire to get back to work, and taking every possible step to recover and feel well, you are still not able to return to your previous job.

If you have not looked closely at your LTD policy, you might assume that you will continue to receive those benefits. Surely, you legitimately cannot do your previous job, and this is what those benefits are for. Do not be shocked if, as you approach the point where you have been receiving LTD benefits for two years, you receive a letter from the benefits provider telling you that your benefits will be terminated on the second anniversary of the start of your LTD claim.

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